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  • Know More About Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney

Cash-Wa Distributing

Cash-Wa Distributing is a family-owned company that has been around since 1934. Harvey Henning purchased Cash-Wa Candy Company in 1957 and his son, Tom Henning, has been the president of Cash-Wa since 1987. Our mission is Harvey's original conviction in that we will succeed when we remember that we're here to serve our customers. We believe in what we do and genuinely care about the wellness of our communities. We take pride in distributing high quality food products, top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional customer service. Our latest technology, expansive warehouses with freezer and cooler spaces and large company-owned modern fleet of trucks and trailers enable us to be both a leader and one of the top foodservice distributors in the Midwest. Whether it's your restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility or school, we are ready to help with your order.
History of Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney


It all started by delivering candy to local grocery stores in 1934. At the age of 17, Harvey Henning peddled for Cash-Wa Candy Company. After serving in World War II, he became a full-time employee for Cash-Wa. Harvey purchased the company in 1957. Cash-Wa Distributing continues to be a privately owned company by the Henning family for multiple generations. Tom Henning, Harvey's son, took over as president in 1987 when Harvey retired. 
Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney Team


The soul of our team is what makes Cash-Wa successful and stand out among its competitors. From our Board of Directors to our warehouse staff, drivers and sales team, we have what it takes to provide complete customer satisfaction. We genuinely care about the food and beverage, cleaning products and equipment we deliver.
Transportation & Facilities at Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney

Transportation & Facilities

Count on high quality products stored in modern and expansive warehouses with freezer and cooler spaces. Our docking stations are sealed against trailers to ensure food safety. We have a company-owned modern fleet of trucks and refrigerated trailers with state-of-the-art computer technology. Satellite tracking ensures your delivery is on-time and without any delays. Our drivers are reliable and we conduct routine inspection and maintenance on all of our trucks and trailers.
Technology at Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney


We're all about streamlining and enhancing operational efficiency within each department in the food industry. Take advantage of customized online ordering, order guides, monthly management reports and rebate information. Run a seamless operation with velocity reports and with our online order entry system. We have trucks with an on board computer systems and our Nutritional Services Department makes use of a Computrition. We'll continue to advance our technology to improve your needs.
Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney - Know Who We are

Who We Are

Cash-Wa Distributing is a family-owned company with three distribution centers in Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota, a modern fleet of trucks and trailers, several sales offices within the 11 Great Plain States plus Cash & Carry stores. We're the 18th largest Broadline Foodservice Distributor in the nation, have an inventory of over 20,000 SKUs and deliver in all or part of the 11 states. With our cutting-edge technology and customized online ordering, expect on-time deliveries, velocity reports and superior customer service.
Cash-Wa Distributing, Kearney is Affiliated with Organizations


We're affiliated with some of the best organizations in the nation including UniPro, ProMark and SEFA to ensure our customer's needs are met. UniPro is the largest broadline and systems cooperative distribution group in the world and has both national and international presence. ProMark is one of the leading produce organizations in the US where customers can expect continuous fresh produce that are locally grown. SEFA is the nation's largest equipment and supply groups, promising top-of-the-line products.
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