Cash-Wa started out in 1934 delivering candy to local neighborhood grocery stores in Kearney, Nebraska. Harvey Henning started peddling for Cash-Wa Candy Company when he was 17 years old. He peddled his bicycle around town to take and deliver orders. After his service in World War II, Harvey became a full time employee for Cash-Wa and in 1957 he purchased the company.

Harvey and Betty Henning

Since that time the company has remained privately owned by the Henning family with 2nd and 3rd generation family members playing  significant roles in Cash-Wa’s continued success.  The company has grown to include 2 complete distribution centers, multiple shuttle locations, and several sales offices with representatives serving all or part of 11 Great Plains States.

We still embrace Harvey’s original conviction that if we just remember that we are here to serve our customers we will succeed.


Cash-Wa Candy Company Truck

1934 – Cash-Wa Candy Company founded.

1940 – Harvey Henning begins to work for Cash-Wa Candy.

1957 – Harvey Henning purchases Cash-Wa Candy.

1963 – Cash-Wa purchases Kearney Candy Co. begins selling food and moves to new warehouse at 19th St. and Second Ave. in Kearney.

Harvey Henning

Harvey Henning

1971 – Tom Henning (Current CEO and Harvey’s son) begins full-time employment at Cash-Wa.

1970s – Cash-Wa expands territory to all of central Nebraska and into the Sandhills.

1984 – Cash-Wa officially changes name to Cash-Wa Distributing Co.

1985 – Territory expands into Kansas and begins delving into the produce business.

1987 – Territory expands to include western Nebraska and parts of northern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. Harvey retires and Tom becomes head of the company.

Tom Henning

1992 – Construction begins on new 4th Street Kearney warehouse including large freezer, docks, and office space.

1997 – Addition to Kearney warehouse includes offices, classroom, and commercial kitchen.

1999 – Cash-Wa purchases warehouse in Lincoln.

2006 – Cash-Wa aquires HRS Distributing of Aberdeen, S.D.

2009 – Freezer addition is added on to the Kearney warehouse campus.

2013 – Cash-Wa’s full territory includes all of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, and reaches into parts of Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

2013 – Work begins on cooler storage building at the Kearney warehouse campus.

2014 – Cooler / Freezer building expansion completed.  Kearney campus now includes 337,000 square feet of warehouse space.

2016 – CWD honored as the 2015 UniPro member of the year.

1997 Cash-Wa Kearney addition.

1997 Cash-Wa Kearney addition.

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Quick Facts

  • Cash-Wa is the 18th largest Broadline Foodservice Distributor in the nation among over 1,500 peers
  • We maintain an inventory of over 20,000 SKUs
  • We deliver in all or part of 11 states

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We help our customers succeed.

Cash-Wa is the 18th largest Broadline Foodservice Distributor in the nation among over 1,500 peers. We are proud of that achievement and we believe it has been our service to the success of our customers which has brought us there.

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